[rabbitmq-discuss] Porting .NET client to WinRT API (Windows 8).

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri May 10 10:45:41 BST 2013

Hi Nathan,

On 07/05/13 17:34, Nathan Brown wrote:
> Can you guys review these changes and consider incorporating them into
> the mainline codebase?

Yes, and thanks! We'd like to make use of your contribution, but it will
take a while to review. May I request that you sign a contributor
agreement in the meantime? I'll contact you off-list.

> The networking area is another area of change in WinRT.  It will have to
> involve a separate project because System.Net.Sockets has been removed
> and Windows.Networking.Sockets has been added.  I am still working on
> porting the networking code to the WinRT API, but that will hit far
> fewer files than the non-generic to generic collection conversion.

Yes, Socket and SSL-related functionality is more localised.

We would be reluctant to relinquish the compatibility of the current
.net client with mono. I'm not sure whether that is necessarily the
implication, but it might be something to consider.


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