[rabbitmq-discuss] Porting .NET client to WinRT API (Windows 8).

Nathan Brown nathan at nkbrown.us
Tue May 7 17:34:06 BST 2013


I am working on a project that involves a client interface on a Windows 8
tablet.  The backend is using RabbitMQ and I am trying to get the .NET
client working in the Windows 8 Modern UI.

.NET applications using Modern UI (and the WinRT API) can use most of the
.NET namespace, but some things are depreciated.  For example, non-generic
collections (ArrayList, Hastable, SortedList, etc.) are no longer present.

I know these collections were in the RabbitMQ client codebase for .NET 1.1
compatibility, but I noticed that several years ago in this mailing list
that .NET 1.1 compatibility was no longer considered a necessity.  I have a
branch where I have only made the changes required to use the generic
collections.  I have posted it to BitBucket:


Can you guys review these changes and consider incorporating them into the
mainline codebase?

The networking area is another area of change in WinRT.  It will have to
involve a separate project because System.Net.Sockets has been removed and
Windows.Networking.Sockets has been added.  I am still working on porting
the networking code to the WinRT API, but that will hit far fewer files
than the non-generic to generic collection conversion.


Nathan Brown
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