[rabbitmq-discuss] ha-sync-mode policy is NOT recognized

Milos Gajdos milosgajdos83 at gmail.com
Wed May 8 03:01:10 BST 2013

Hi there.
I'm trying to set up auto synching on my RabbitMQ cluster with mirrored 
queues however when running particular command as per documetation 
(http://www.rabbitmq.com/ha.html) I'm getting the error that this policy is 
NOT recognized:

$ sudo rabbitmqctl set_policy -p my_vhost HA '^(?!amq.).*' '{"ha-mode": "all", "ha-sync-mode": "automatic"}'

Setting policy "HA" for pattern "^(?!amq.).*" to "{\"ha-mode\": \"all\", \"ha-sync-mode\": \"automatic\"}" ...
Error: Validation failed
[{<<"ha-sync-mode">>,<<"automatic">>}] are not recognised policy settings

I tried the same via management interface ie  via WebUI but the result is the same.
The version of rabbit I'm using is 3.1 but I noticed the same problem on 3.0
Anyone knows how to get this working IF possible ?

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