[rabbitmq-discuss] Hanging connections in management interface (v3.0.4)

Nathan Shirlberg nathannis at gmail.com
Tue May 7 19:05:02 BST 2013

We are running  RabbitMQ *2.8.7* on Erlang *R14B04 and see similar 
behavior.  Usually around the same time as network glitches.  We use an F5 
load balancer that we believe is keeping the connection open even though 
the client was (sometimes forcefully) severed.  We either Force the 
connection closed through API, or just let it sit long enough that the 
connections drop, the conumsers disappear, and the messages get requeued.*

On Monday, April 29, 2013 10:23:43 AM UTC-5, Allan Beaufour wrote:
> I've for a long time had an issue where queues show hanging connections in 
> the management interface. The queues show a number of perpetual unacked 
> messages and even if I shut down all consumers, these remain. The ip+port 
> for the consumers doesn't match any processes either. Is this a known bug?
> I've had this issues for a while. We were running v2.7.1 perviously and 
> was secretly hoping they would disappear in the upgrade :)
> Thanks,
> Allan
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