[rabbitmq-discuss] consumer get messages from one queue sometimes disorder

Xie Yunpeng woqimingweipeng at gmail.com
Mon May 6 11:08:41 BST 2013

I create a queue as this:
exchange: smart
routingkey: smart_2
queue: smart_2
I use 4 publisher sending messages to this queue and 1 consumer to receive
the messages.the consumer when connect to the rabbitmq server , first it
declare the queue "smart_2" to:
exchange: smart_2
routingkey: smart_2
queue: smart_2
then it get messages from queue smart_2

is this delcare affect the message order?

i find it receive messages disorder sometimes, just like: first receive
messges in current time and then receive messages several hour ago, the
interval is not regular.

os: rhel 6.3
erlang: R16B
rabbitmq: 3.0.2
pyhon client: kombu

i want to know the exact reason that the messages in disorder. this situation
appears occasionally so it not easy to find the exact reason.
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