[rabbitmq-discuss] Hanging connections in management interface (v3.0.4)

Allan Beaufour allan at chartbeat.com
Wed May 1 17:35:16 BST 2013

On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 10:04 AM, Simon MacMullen <simon at rabbitmq.com>wrote:
> So you say "queues show hanging connections". Do you mean that the
> management plugin shows connections under the "Connections" tab, or
> consumers under queue details, or something else?

It shows up under the consumers in queue details.

> Do you see the same items in rabbitmqctl list_connections (or list_queues
> or similar)?

Yes, it shows up there. I just forcefully closed one of the:
# rabbitmqctl list_channels name connection | grep 44478
client:44478 -> server:5672 (1) <rabbit at rabbitmq02.2.10377.40>
# rabbitmqctl close_connection "<rabbit at rabbitmq02.2.10377.40>" "close
hanging connection"
Closing connection "<rabbit at rabbitmq02.2.10377.40>" ...

This cleared that connection. The really weird thing is that lsof only
shows that connection on the server, not on the client. I.e. I could find
this on the server:
beam.smp 29152    rabbitmq   19u  IPv6 523865701      0t0  TCP
server:5672->client:44478 (ESTABLISHED)
but not on the client side. That it's IPv6 confuses me "a little".

> If so can you send the output of "rabbitmqctl report"?

I'll send that off list.

Also, do these items ever go away?

I can't say for sure, as I haven't checked to see if some of them go away,
and new ones "replace" them, but the number of hanging connections doesn't
ever seem to go down, no.

> Has the memory alarm / disk alarm gone off at any point?


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