[rabbitmq-discuss] another question on cookies version 3.0.4

srd srd at duneram.com
Wed May 1 14:26:35 BST 2013

Thank you for your help.  I will give this a try.   

I've been starting it wrong all this time.

what is the best way to stop the server?  up until now I have found no good way to stop it except

ps -efwww | grep rabbit   
and then with that kill off the 4-6 associated jobs.


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>  Hi,
>  On 1 May 2013, at 14:15, srd wrote:
>  > so my questions are:
>  > 1) How does one normally start the server?
>  Depending on the platform, either /sbin/service rabbitmq-server start or via /etc/init.d/.
>  > 2) my reason for wanting to do cookies is I wanted to setup a multi node cluster (different servers)
>  >    If I start a server (no parameters) on each server the cookie hash is different.
>  You need to ensure that all the cookies are the same. You can do this by placing the .erlang.cookie file in the /home/rabbitmq directory on each server.
>  > 3) I have looked at the clustering guide but haven't succeeded in a setup using it.  How does one normally synchronize the cookies across servers?
>  That's up to you - rabbit doesn't provide anything out of the box to do this.
>  > 4) where is the cookie file stored?   I found one on the rabbitmq user's root directory.   Is that where it is stored?
>  That's correct.
>  > 5) If I have to set a cookie value, is there a config file where it can be set (or env variable?) and what is the syntax to set it?
>  >
>  I would recommend just using the cookie stored in the rabbitmq user's home directory.
>  Cheers,
>  Tim

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