[rabbitmq-discuss] Queue Creation Rate and response times

Jim Swainston JSwainston at sportingsolutions.com
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Hi MK,

Thanks for the response. I will take a look at vmstat etc.
The exchanges are durable topic exchanges. The rabbit box is a dedicated server accessed over LAN.
Thanks for the script I will give it a go and see what happens.


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Jim Swainston:

> Recently I have started to get short lived spikes in queue creation up to approximately 20 queues per second across the whole rabbit box.
> When this happens the queue creation request time can jump up to anywhere between 10000ms and 20000ms.
> At the same time as this it appears as if the publishing request  to these exchanges also increases from about 40ms to about 5000ms.

Have you tried running vmstat or iostat to see if can be a limited I/O issue? Do you create exchanges as durable? Is RabbitMQ running on localhost, accessed over LAN or WAN?

I have a benchmark in one of the clients (Bunny) that demonstrates about 0.77 KGhz for queue.declare with server-named, non-durable, exclusive queues:


To run it, do bundle install and then bundle exec ruby benchmarks/queue_declare.rb

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