[rabbitmq-discuss] memory usage reporting

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu Apr 25 20:02:38 BST 2013


(putting the list back on cc)...

On 25/04/13 18:31, Kyle O'Donnell wrote:
> Here is the rabbitmqctl report.


There are lots of (~1800) connections and channels - that much I 
suspected based on the socket and connection_proc memory stats - and 
lots of (~1400) queues and bindings and consumers (~1400).

And it looks like only 3 of the connections are from producers, the rest 
from consumers.

But *there are no messages*!

So it is a mystery what is taking up all the 'binary' memory.

Next steps...

1) Ask your application dev team whether the above stats are what they'd 
expect to see.

2) for a R16B rabbit that exhibits the above state, run

rabbitmqctl eval 'lists:reverse(lists:sort([{length(L), lists:sum([B || 
{_,B,_} <- L]), P, process_info(P)} || P <- processes(), {binary, L} <- 
[process_info(P, binary)], length(L) > 0])).'

(all on one line) and post the output - private mail is best in case it 
contains some user data.

3) Watch the dynamic evolution of the system on the management overview 
page, i.e. keep an eye on it as the app is starting up and running. And 
then compare what you are seeing on R16B vs R14 and note any glaring 



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