[rabbitmq-discuss] How can RabbitMQ Shovel be configured to overwrite the timestamp property with the current time?

Dan LaMotte lamotte85 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 20:32:05 BST 2013

For instance:

    {myshovel, [
        {sources, ...}
        , {destinations, ...}
        , {queue, <<>>}
        , {ack_mode, on_confirm}
        , {publish_properties, [
            {delivery_mode, 2}
            , {timestamp, now} % this is the line I need to understand how 
to write
        , {publish_fields, [{exchange, <<"">>}, {routing_key, <<"">>}]}
        , {reconnect_delay, 5}

I'm curious how to write the `publish_properties` in a way so that RabbitMQ 
Shovel overwrites the timestamp with the current time (as in when the 
shovel receives the message and *shovels* it onto the destination queue).


I'm assuming this is either a really easy "it's possible, here's how" or 
"it's not possible".  My erlang is weak at best.

Thanks for any advice you have for me.

- Dan
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