[rabbitmq-discuss] RABBITMQ_SERVER_ERL_ARGS overridden for debugging purposes only?

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Apr 18 18:10:05 BST 2013


On 18/04/13 16:50, Bryan Quigley wrote:
> SERVER_ERL_ARGS="-kernel inet_default_listen_options -kernel
> inet_default_connect_options [{nodelay,true}] -kernel
> inet_dist_use_interface {127,0,0,1}"

You could equally well place the configuration in the rabbitmq.config
file, as illustrated in the serverfault link that you listed.

It is worth pointing out that access to the port is useless without the
.erlang.cookie file.

This is completely unsupported and should not be performed in a
production environment, but removing "-sname <arg>" parameter in the
startup scripts will prevent the Erlang distribution framework from
starting, and hence listening on an external port. There is no way of
achieving this with configuration.


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