[rabbitmq-discuss] Configuring RabbitMQ to support change in hostname

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Thu Apr 11 23:51:41 BST 2013


On 11 Apr 2013, at 22:27, Kapil Goyal wrote:

> Matthias, Tim,
> Thanks for your response.
>> The real problem is that the mnesia schema contains for each table a
> reference to the node(s) on which it has copies. So if the host name
> changes and rabbit is restarted it will think that its tables still live
> on the host with the > old hostname.
> So, if I change the node-name to rabbit at localhost in the evn-config file,
> RabbitMQ still won't be able to handle the change in hostname because of
> the old hostname being in mnesia tables. Is this correct?

Yes, sort of.

> I am trying to
> understand how RabbitMQ uses the hostname stored in mnesia tables.

The hostname isn't stored in mnesia tables - rather, for each table in mnesia, mnesia itself is storing a list of nodes on which the table is replicated. So if you change the hostname from a to b, mnesia will still think there there should be a table copy on node a and *that* will cause a problem. In fact, it is mnesia that is unable to cope with dynamic hostname changes in this instance.


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