[rabbitmq-discuss] Very low delivery rate : how to diagnose ?

misterdev kilian.devouassoux at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 10:14:08 BST 2013

Hello everybody.

I have a probleme in the implementation I have done of RabbitMQ, in a 
production environment :
I have very low delivery rate.
I have one perl processus (using library Net::RabbitMQ) listening to a 
queue with, as I speak, about 600 messages pending. I got some stats 
showing that it takes my process in average 3 seconds in order to receive a 
new message :
Here some code example : 
while($message = $mqConnection->recv()) {    
    # treat the message

Time to treat the message : about 0.1s
Time between two "receive" : in average 3s (sometimes 0.5s, sometimes 

My question is : how can I debug this kind of situation ?

Some input : 
- This queue and its messages are durable.
- The listener has a prefetch_count of 1 ( # 
$mqConnection->basic_qos($mqChannelNumber,{prefetch_count => 1}); )
- All messages need to be Ack
- My processus and the rabbitmq broker are not on the same server but get a 
100Mb/s VPN between them.

Given these information, what do you think could help my processus getting 
messages more quickly ?
Should I play with the persistant mode before the prefetch_count or the 
contrary ?

Is there any other information I should check to understant what my problem 
could be ?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Kilian D.

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