[rabbitmq-discuss] Ingress does not work for me and the RMQ goes down

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Fri Apr 5 13:16:01 BST 2013

Hi. amqp_channel:register_flow_handler/2 allows the client to know about 
channel.flow methods sent by the server. But in practice we haven't sent 
channel.flow for a long, long time (it doesn't really work very well).

Instead we block the network socket. This works more immediately... 
assuming we are receiving messages over the network. However, if you are 
using the Erlang client in direct mode that won't happen - is that what 
you're doing?

Cheers, Simon

On 05/04/13 13:07, Cermak, Marek wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I continue with stress testing on limited memory. This time I have
> problem with RMQ going down without any warning after consuming a lot of
> memory.
> Producer asks for ingress on the channel
> amqp_channel:register_flow_handler(Channel, self()),
> and then it uses the channel for publishing messages. I.e. every 20 secs
> 4 messages of 16 MB each to 2 different exchanges. After some time the
> consumer starts to consume them (using one channel and prefetch of 4
> msgs). Consumer is too slow to consume faster than messages are
> produced. The broker warns once on the console and then it is killed:
> 13:48:24.429 [warning] Undefined: memory resource limit alarm set on
> node hare at xxx
> Killed
> shouldn't the producer be warned instead?
> thanks
> marek
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