[rabbitmq-discuss] Ingress does not work for me and the RMQ goes down

Cermak, Marek Marek.Cermak at Honeywell.com
Fri Apr 5 13:07:10 BST 2013

Hello everybody,
I continue with stress testing on limited memory. This time I have problem with RMQ going down without any warning after consuming a lot of memory.

Producer asks for ingress on the channel
amqp_channel:register_flow_handler(Channel, self()),

and then it uses the channel for publishing messages. I.e. every 20 secs 4 messages of 16 MB each to 2 different exchanges. After some time the consumer starts to consume them (using one channel and prefetch of 4 msgs). Consumer is too slow to consume faster than messages are produced. The broker warns once on the console and then it is killed:

13:48:24.429 [warning] Undefined: memory resource limit alarm set on node hare at xxx

shouldn't the producer be warned instead?

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