[rabbitmq-discuss] binding exchange to client and server in wcf, but it auto generate new queue on rabbitmq server, why?

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Sep 13 10:24:54 BST 2012


On 12/09/12 13:33, Hadas wrote:
> now I want to use the RabbitMQ. the sending to queue works fine, but my

I understand you want to replace MSMQ with RabbitMQ, and some parts are
not working.

I would suggest first running the WCF examples included with the
RabbitMQ client library. This will validate your environment and provide
a working baseline that you can compare your further work against.

> address="soap.amqp://amq.direct/Queue"

Using the word "Queue" for a service name can be confusing, Service
names will be created as bindings.

> From            |	Routing key           | 	Arguments 	
> amq.direct      | 	/ParseTemplateQueue   |	
> (AMQP default)  | 	ParseTemplateQueue    |

I would expect this if the service was called "ParseTemplateQueue".


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