[rabbitmq-discuss] None of the specified endpoints were reachable

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Tue Sep 11 00:02:39 BST 2012

On 10/09/12 21:29, kayslay wrote:
> When I do that I get the following exception:
> None of the specified endpoints were reachable
> Endpoints attempted:
> ------------------------------------------------
> endpoint=amqp-0-9://localhost:5672, attempts=1
> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): An invalid argument was
> supplie
> d
>     at System.Net.Sockets.Socket..ctor(AddressFamily addressFamily,
> SocketType so
> cketType, ProtocolType protocolType)
>     at System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient.initialize()
>     at System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient..ctor(AddressFamily family)
>     at RabbitMQ.Client.Impl.SocketFrameHandler_0_9..ctor(AmqpTcpEndpoint
> endpoint
> )
>     at
> RabbitMQ.Client.Framing.Impl.v0_9_1.ProtocolBase.CreateFrameHandler(AmqpTc
> pEndpoint endpoint)
>     at RabbitMQ.Client.ConnectionFactory.FollowRedirectChain(Int32
> maxRedirects,
> IDictionary connectionAttempts, IDictionary connectionErrors,
> AmqpTcpEndpoint[]&
>   mostRecentKnownHosts, AmqpTcpEndpoint endpoint)
> ================================================
> Stack trace:
>     at RabbitMQ.Client.ConnectionFactory.CreateConnection(Int32
> maxRedirects)
>     at RabbitMQ.Client.ConnectionFactory.CreateConnection()
>     at ServerConsole.AddServer.Main(String[] args)

Looks like it's dying at

     new TcpClient(AddressFamily.InterNetwork)


which, on the surface of it, suggests that your system is unwilling to 
let the client speak IPv4. Can you think of a reason why that would be 
the case?

I suggest sticking that line into a mini program of its own, to see 
whether that fails too.



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