[rabbitmq-discuss] Windows service recovery

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Mon May 28 13:39:05 BST 2012

On 28/05/12 13:38, Lior Barnea wrote:
> Erlsrv is the service instance, acting as a watchdog (spawning it on startup) for erl.exe which runs rabbitMQ.
> As I said before, the scenario in which erlsvr is going down without erl.exe is currently hypothetic but its behavior after its restarting because I killed it is wrong.
> For my QA team: "Its unlikely that it will happens" equals "It can happen" :)

Yeah, you're right on both counts. The behaviour is wrong and 'it can 
happen' in theory. This question now needs to move over to the 
erlang-questions mailing list and get raised with the OTP team, as 
they're responsible for erlsrv and should be able to get it fixed.

 From a brief glance at the (erlsrv) code, my reading of it is that 
there is no link between erlsrv and erl.exe other than the use of the 
fifo pipes provided by to_erl, used to handle interactions (such as shut 
down). Based on this reading, it ought to be 'possible' to verify that 
an instance is still up, but I'm a little unclear on how you would 
confirm that the said program was the one that erlsrv 'ought' to be 

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