[rabbitmq-discuss] Windows service recovery

Lior Barnea Barnea at 3i-mind.com
Mon May 28 13:38:58 BST 2012

Erlsrv is the service instance, acting as a watchdog (spawning it on startup) for erl.exe which runs rabbitMQ.

As I said before, the scenario in which erlsvr is going down without erl.exe is currently hypothetic but its behavior after its restarting because I killed it is wrong.

For my QA team: "Its unlikely that it will happens" equals "It can happen" :)

- Lior

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On 28/05/12 09:02, Lior Barnea wrote:
> I want it to start successfully and monitor the existing rabbitMQ process, exiting/failing means no watchdog for the "next real" rabbitMQ failure.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but my reading of erlsrv is that it *is* the service instance, so I'm not sure how you're going to get around this. The question I've got is, in what scenario do you foresee the erlsrv process exiting without taking the erl.exe process down with it, apart from one in which you're explicitly killing erlsrv.exe yourself?

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