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andy oldhomelh at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 09:50:35 BST 2012

Thank you for your answers.but  I doubt that as you say ,if we are
processing 2st queue message as soon as the 1st queue gets a new message
needed to process,how can we switch to process 1st? It also means that we
should check the amount of  messages in the queue  in order ,I think it will
cost much time and machine resource.and could you tell me  how I could  use
spring amqp api to check the amount.?


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According to the compatibility and conformance with amqp specification
(http://www.rabbitmq.com/specification.html) rabbitmq 
does NOT support messages priority. It is planned to support in future. Also
you should be aware that amqp specifies at least 2 
priorities, so it is possible that it will not work as you would wish in the
one of future releases. I implemented message priorities using 
many queues and consume messages on them always in the same order (1st queue
(is message) -> 1st queue (is message) -> 1st queue (empty)
-> 2nd queue (is message) -> 1st queue (empty) -> 2nd queue (empty) -> 3rd
queue (is message) -> 1st queue ...)

Best regards, 
Ernest Staszuk

W dniu 2012-07-27 10:13, andy pisze:

We use spring amqp to use rabbitmq,but I have meet a problem that we should
send the message  in the queue  to  programe  in order of the
priority,through  I have set the message propriety,the rabbitmq still sends
message in order of

Delievered time. Could you tell me how to make it work so that we could
send message  order by  priority 

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