[rabbitmq-discuss] something about message priority

Ernest Staszuk ernest.staszuk at comarch.pl
Fri Jul 27 09:30:04 BST 2012

According to the compatibility and conformance with amqp specification 
(http://www.rabbitmq.com/specification.html) rabbitmq
does NOT support messages priority. It is planned to support in future. 
Also you should be aware that amqp specifies at least 2
priorities, so it is possible that it will not work as you would wish in 
the one of future releases. I implemented message priorities using
many queues and consume messages on them always in the same order (1st 
queue (is message) -> 1st queue (is message) -> 1st queue (empty)
-> 2nd queue (is message) -> 1st queue (empty) -> 2nd queue (empty) -> 
3rd queue (is message) -> 1st queue ...)

Best regards,
Ernest Staszuk

W dniu 2012-07-27 10:13, andy pisze:
> We use spring amqp to use rabbitmq,but I have meet a problem that we 
> should send the message  in the queue  to  programe  in order of the 
> priority,through  I have set the message propriety,the rabbitmq still 
> sends message in order of
> Delievered time. Could you tell me how to make it work so that we 
> could  send message  order by  priority
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