[rabbitmq-discuss] Consumer acknowledgement

Ernest Staszuk ernest.staszuk at comarch.pl
Mon Jul 23 10:49:03 BST 2012

You could resend non acked messages without closing connection
by basic.recover. Also you could possibly apply timeout to the messages
in companion of dead-lettering (in your case dead-lettering to the same
queue should be just right choice). This would redeliver messages after
their expiration.

Does my answer cover your needs?

W dniu 2012-07-19 23:11, Prashanth pisze:
> Hi,
> My test case.
> I have a consumer, with no_ack =>0, prefetch_count is default, 
> consumer receives messages, even if previous messages are not acknowledge.
> If the message is never acknowledge or ack message is lost in transit 
> and if consumer never goes down, This message is never acknowledged or 
> is resent again, its in the queue forever. I don't want to timeout the 
> message.
> Instead I want the message to resend after a specified timeout may be 
> to the same consumer.
> Is there a way to do this.
> Thanks
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