[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ .NET Client Bug?

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jul 6 11:19:07 BST 2012

Hi Jonathan,

On 05/07/12 16:13, Jonathan Oliver wrote:
> First and foremost, is there a public issue tracker where I can post bug
> reports?

This mailing list is the preferred forum for reporting bugs.

> With the new .NET RabbitMQ.Client v2.8.4, I'm starting to receive these
> messages during the shutdown process in my application:
> System.NotSupportedException: Stream does not support writing.

I notice that ConnectionBase.Close expects an IOException if the socket
write fails, and NotSupportedException is not an IOException. This is
probably not a regression, because the code in this area has not changed
recently. On what version of .NET did you observe this error? I will
file a bug internally to investigate and correct this.

> Lastly, do you guys need an additional maintainer for the
> RabbitMQ.Client NuGet package? I've seen a few releases where the
> package wasn't released in a timely manner.

I take note of your concern, and note that you pointed this out before
at the time of release of v2.7.0.. Thanks for the offer to help. We
actually already have a reserve maintainer for the NuGet package (Steve
Flitcroft). I will gladly add your name to the waiting list in case it
becomes necessary to appoint another maintainer.



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