[rabbitmq-discuss] Problems installing LVC exchange

Rob Woolfson rob at bsdsoftware.co.il
Wed Jul 4 13:12:34 BST 2012

I have successfully run make on the public umbrella and then make in
the lvc directory.
I have generated the *.ez file in dist/ and copied it to the rabbitmq
home directory.

When I got to the management gui in a browser, I can create and
exchange from the exchange tab.  I have the option of choosing "lvc".
When I do and I click create I get the message: "503 invalid exchange
type 'lvc'"

When I try it in the code, if I set the exchange type to "lvc" I get
an exception when I try to create the exchange.
If I set it to "x-lvc" it creates the exchange but in the browser gui,
it shows the created exchange in red and says that there is an error
with it.  When I try to write to the exchange I get an exception.

Do I need to enable something or do something else to get the external
exchange to work.  Note that I only copied the *.ez file do I need
anything else?


Rob Woolfson

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