[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-c RPC example

Ask Solem ask at rabbitmq.com
Mon Jul 2 12:16:59 BST 2012

On 1 Jul 2012, at 19:07, jonathan augenstine wrote:

> I would like to say that rabbitmq is a very nice messaging implementation.  I had to implement a module to coordinate a very large number of processes on Linux and over a one week time period installed rabbitmq, worked out the implementation, and pushed to production.  I expected to have to work out some bugs, but amazingly it just worked.  One or two minor tweaks and it has been running for almost two weeks now with out issue.
> That being said, I implemented this using the C library.  I used a basic publish/subscribe approach to the implementation.  The reality is that the design pattern really fits an RPC implementation.  My problem was that I was pressed for time and could not quite get the details worked out for an RPC implementation.  I was wondering if someone had an example of a C implementation of the RPC on rabbitmq?

There are several examples here:

No direct port of the RPC examples on the website though,
but that is a great opportunity for you to learn and contribute some :)

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