[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ as backbone to a multi-player online game .

Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Thu Feb 9 15:34:41 GMT 2012

Hi, Jon:

There are some RabbitMQ users who work in commercial online gaming,
but comparing your application to theirs would require knowing more
about both than I do... :-)

Clustering RabbitMQ, and perhaps using shovel or federation to link
clusters, can be sensible directions to take for scaling.  Which
directions you need to take, and how much work you need to do, really
depend on the complexity of your application's messaging fabric and
the actual runtime load distributions it experiences.  There are some
things you can guesstimate back of the envelope, but the best approach
is often to proof of concept something roughly the shape of what you
want to build, and then test it under real or simulated load, and then
iterate from there.  Sharing your experiences, and poking this mailing
list for ideas can often be helpful.

RabbitMQ, although open source, is owned by VMware, through whom
commercial support and consulting are provided.  If you'd like to
pursue that route, we can probably connect you with the correct folks...

Best regards,

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Is there anyone on the list who has experience of using RabbitMQ for
online social-gaming who would like to share experiences? Our client
application is in Flash and we are communicating with Game Servers via
RabbitMQ. We need to support 100K concurrent users so will either need
a big central cluster to handle all messaging or we might look at some
kind of sharding and use multiple RabbitMQ clusters. I would be happy
to hear if anyone could offer any professional (paid for) support to
us too.

All the best.

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