[rabbitmq-discuss] Regd: Publish Many Scenarios

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Feb 7 10:36:54 GMT 2012


On 07/02/12 10:11, preeti sp wrote:
> Is there any limit you would suggest to number of Queues that RabbitMQ
> could handle efficiently?

It depends on a large number of factors (such as hardware, usage
pattern, queue lengths, message size, persistence, etc.). You should
perform tests with realistic workloads to find the limit. RabbitMQ does
not impose any limit on number of queues, but you will probably need to
spread the load with clustering if you need more than tens or hundreds
of thousands of queues, depending on how busy they are.

> Our application is more of broadcast/multicast type. Meaning, If some
> one person does something, the same needs to be broadcasted to other
> folks on that thread! So, If we maintain one Queue each for each
> consumer, it is essentially duplicating the same Information 'n' number
> of times! So, I was wondering If there is any way to maintain only one
> Queue copy and publish it to how many required instead of duplicating so
> many queue copies in the memory?

RabbitMQ already performs internal storage optimisations for messages
that are routed to multiple queues.


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