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Hi Emile,

I am clear with below approach. I have gone through RabbitMQ site.

My Main concern is:
(A) We need to handle multiple publishers and multiple consumers for same topic. And, If we create one queue each for every consumer, given the size of consumer base we have, our queue size might really hit high.

Is there any limit you would suggest to number of Queues that RabbitMQ could handle efficiently?

Our application is more of broadcast/multicast type. Meaning, If some one person does something, the same needs to be broadcasted to other folks on that thread! So, If we maintain one Queue each for each consumer, it is essentially duplicating the same Information 'n' number of times! So, I was wondering If there is any way to maintain only one Queue copy and publish it to how many required instead of duplicating so many queue copies in the memory?


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On 07/02/12 08:32, preeti sp wrote:
> Is there any way we could handle the scenario of Multiple Producers and
> Multiple Consumers bound to the same Queue using RabbitMQ ? Description
> below!
> (1) Bind Multiple consumers to one Queue based on some binding keys

Yes, it is possible for multiple consumers to subscribe to the same
queue, but each message will only be delivered to one consumer. If you
want each consumer to receive each message then you will need to declare
a queue for each consumer and bind the queues to an exchange. Compare
the second and third tutorials for an illustration:

> (2) Multiple publishers publish some messages to the above Queue

Yes, but bear in mind that publishers publish to an exchange, not to a
queue directly.

> (3) And, Ensure each of the consumers get a copy of each message

No, see the answer to (1) above.

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