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Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Fri Feb 3 16:13:32 GMT 2012

And, although it might have been mentioned earlier in the thread and I
missed it, the Erlang port mapper daemon's port should be open so that
cluster nodes can communicate with one another and rabbitmqctl and
anything based on Erlang distribution can work.

EPMD listens on port 4369 by default.

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On 03/02/12 05:47, Codevally wrote:
> Other than the 5672 tcp port, what are the other ports RabbitMQ using
> to communicate. We need to identify the ports before implementing the
> firewall. Many thanks.

If you only require (non-SSL) AMQP connections then TCP 5672 is
sufficient. It is typical to run the SSL variant on a different port
(normally 5671). If you use the STOMP adapter or the management console
then you will need ports for those. If you wish to query the broker
across the firewall with the rabbitmqctl tool then you will also need
the ports described here:
If you wish to use LDAP authentication then the relevant outgoing port
must be open.


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