[rabbitmq-discuss] Question about RabbitMQ "Presence Exchange" Plugin

Liuzhuofu liuzhuofu at huawei.com
Fri Feb 3 09:35:32 GMT 2012

    I am working in china, and I am a beginner of RabbitMQ.

    I want to use the "Presence Exchange" plugin in my system in order to monitor all the client connected to the RabbitMQ server, when one of the client exit or coredump, it will disconnect with RabbitMQ Server, and I want to get this event.

    Simon suggest me to use "Presence Exchange" plugin, and after my test, I have some question about the plugin.

1. What's the behavier of "x-presence" like? direct, fanout or topic?

2. One "x-presence" exchange can only get the event that the binding changes on this exchanges, other bindings on other exchanges, it can not monitor, am I right?

3. If I want to develop a plugin, how can I known what api interface of RabbitMQ Server can I invoke? The RabbitMQ website tell us how to build and deploy, active a plugin, but not tell us how to write a plugin.


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