[rabbitmq-discuss] 答复: How can I get the event that one connected mq client have exited ?

Liuzhuofu liuzhuofu at huawei.com
Thu Feb 2 06:40:08 GMT 2012

Hi, Simon:
    Thank you very much, the "presence-exchange" plugin seams can do the job for me, and I will try to use it later.
    And I suggest that the plugins like this can be list at the www.RabbitMQ.com, so the use will easy to  find the plugin they want. Otherwise, the user can only ask to the emallist, and I think it is not a quickly way.


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Please see where I answered your question already:


Cheers, Simon

On 01/02/12 12:00, Liuzhuofu wrote:
> Hi all:
> In my system, many client will connect to the rabbit server, and they
> send msg to eachother.
> My problem is: when one client coredown (lost the connection with rabbit
> server), I must catch this event quickly, and broad this event to all
> the other clients as soon as I can. What's is the best way to get the
> event (one client coredown)?
> Do I need to develop a plugin and add it to rabbit server?
> thanks
> David
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