[rabbitmq-discuss] Shovel stuck?

Alex Zepeda alex at inferiorhumanorgans.com
Tue Aug 14 21:29:26 BST 2012


Currently I've got a bunch of sensors deployed that are posting messages to an
Amazon hosted rabbit instance.  The big catch is that the sensors are connected
via a cellular data network (read: unreliable).  To ensure I'm not dropping any
mesages, I've tried setting shovel up on a few of the sensors.  For the most
part it works well but I've run  into two big problems:

1.) The logging is exceedingly verbose.  I've set
{log_levels, [{connection, none}]}, but shovel still dumps a bunch of info in
the SASL log.  Are there any tunables to turn this down, or would that require
recompiling shovel?

2.) Occasionally the shovel gets wedged.  Initially it was from running into
the free disk space limit, but occasionally I'll run into a situation where
the shovel just terminates for no good reason (stop_app; start_app seems to
resolve the issue).  Here's the error I'm seeing:


Here's my rabbit.config:


Any ideas what this means or how to avoid it?

- alex

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