[rabbitmq-discuss] The RabbitMQ uses very much memory in the cluster pattern

Liu Hao liuhaobupt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 02:45:12 BST 2012

Hi, all,

      I am a RabbitMQ user in China. When we use in cluster pattern,  we
have found a problem. The problem is that if we use many producers (such as
fifty) to send messages to the same queue ceaselessly and the connection to
the RabbitMQ cluster is not the server which the queue is , the memory
increases very quickly. If we use less producers (such as five) or we use
the connection to the server which the queue is, the memory is the normal.
The consumers have enough power to consume the message. The version of
RabbitMQ is 2.8.1.

      Has  anyone  met the same problem?

      The attachment is the monitor interface.

      Thank all of you very much.

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Liu Hao
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Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications
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