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Ramachandrarao, K [ SGGI - IT ] Ramachandrarao.K at saint-gobain.com
Sat Aug 11 07:14:15 BST 2012



We are new to RabbitMQ, and we started installing the RabbitMQ 2.8.4 in
a Windows Server.


Actually we are looking the functionalities from RabbitMQ


Our Internal Application like .Net Applications, ERP Applications and
Oracle Applications are creating Interface transfer files (*.xml, *.csv,
*.pdf, *.txt)


All the interface files should transfer to the respective system (to and


When I go through the RabbitMQ Overview and details, The RabbitMQ does
not Pull any message or file from the Producer and Push to the


The Producer Client will send the message to the RabbitMQ Queue and the
consumer Client will retrieve the Message by using the same Queue name.


Please provide Information, whether RabbitMQ will pull message or file
from Source System (A) and push the message or file to the Destination
System (B)


Requesting any other open source which will do this activity..



Thanks and Regards


Ramachandra Rao K

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