[rabbitmq-discuss] Mnesia corrupting after node joining cluster

David Brown dbrown at prmllc.com
Wed Aug 1 21:20:36 BST 2012


thanks so much for your info on this.  I assumed from the start that I 
didn't need to cluster, but I never ran across any documentation that 
referred to using a single broker, the '...distributed.html' was misleading 
and the 'RabbitMQ In Action' book never pointed this out.

I'm developing using the .Net client in C#, this is my method to connect to 

   public bool connectToRabbitMQ()


        bool r = true;



            var connectionFactory = new ConnectionFactory();

            connectionFactory.HostName = mServer;

            mConnection = connectionFactory.CreateConnection();

            mModel = mConnection.CreateModel();

            mModel.BasicQos(0, 1, false);

            mExchanges = new List<string>();


        catch (BrokerUnreachableException e)


            r = false;


        return r;


So all I need to do is have the variable mServer contain the name of the 
Host that is running the RabbitMQ broker, right?

Thanks again


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> David,
> On 01/08/12 19:15, David Brown wrote:
>> To implement distributed messaging, my understanding is I've got three
>> options, cluster, federation, shovel.
> I guess the title of http://www.rabbitmq.com/distributed.html might have 
> given you the impression that to get a message flowing from an app on one 
> machine to an app on another machine you'd need brokers on both machines 
> and connect them with clustering, federation, or shovel.
> That is not the case.
> AMQP is inherently distributed - it is a network protocol, so it's quite 
> typical to have a single broker to which apps connect from wherever they 
> are running. Apps and brokers do *not* have to reside on the same machine 
> (and, typically don't).
> Regards,
> Matthias.

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