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Rosa, Andrea (HP Cloud Services) andrea.rosa at hp.com
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Any news about my previous question?
Andrea Rosa

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>Hi all,
>I had a strange issue with Rabbitmq 2.7.1 running on a linux box.
>Rabbitmq didn't produce log files for 5 days, from the .log.1 to .log
>file there is a gap of 5 days and the last entry in the .log.1 is
>something related to log rotate:
>INFO REPORT==== 15-Apr-2012::06:30:37 === Rotating logs with suffix  ''
>The server was running during this gap and it's impossible not to have
>log entries in the log file as our system was running and producing
>I'd like to know if the log process for Rabbit is executed in a
>separated process and maybe this process died.
>We restarted the service and the file log start to be "normal".
>Someone has seen it before?
>Andrea Rosa
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