[rabbitmq-discuss] what are message attributes used by broker in RABBITMQ

Saima Asif abdullahsaima at yahoo.com
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you are very right, I completely agree with your point here. I want to know is there anything other than routing key involved in the message, what an exchange takes to do its routing and forwarding.
Is Rabbit MQ 2.8.1 follows the AMQP-1 logic?

Saima Asif

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On 18/04/12 22:05, Saima Asif wrote:
> I am trying to get a general estimate about the latency based on all
> message properties

This is very unlikely to work. Message properties don't have very much to do with it.

In practice *by far* the biggest impact on latency is message rate - when the broker is near to its maximum message rate, latency heads for the sky. See the last chart at:


I would argue that RabbitMQ, like most software, is too complex a system to *model* with anything other than itself. If you want to find out how it will perform in a given context, take measurements.

Cheers, Simon

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