[rabbitmq-discuss] what are message attributes used by broker in RABBITMQ

Saima Asif abdullahsaima at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 18 22:05:34 BST 2012

Dear Emile,

Yes you are right I am trying to get a general estimate about the latency based on all message properties that a broker consider on the way of processing it. I am actually want to compare different protocols but on very simpler basis. I want to implement the basic outlines they follow. I hope you would be understanding what I need to do.
Your help in this case is highly appreciated.
Saima Asif

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On 16/04/12 12:42, Saima Asif wrote:
> yes you are right, that what I want to do.

Actually I'm struggling to understand what you are trying to do. It
looks like you are trying to predict latency based on message
properties. To do this with meaningful accuracy is a highly ambitious
and non-trivial undertaking.

Can you explain in a bit more detail what you are trying to accomplish?

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