[rabbitmq-discuss] [bug] umbrella common.mk

Matwey V. Kornilov matwey.kornilov at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 16:50:10 BST 2012

Frankly speaking, I was playing with building RPM for rabbitmq at opensuse 
build service. Maybe you know, when I checkout the package, it creates 
directory like 'home:matwey:branches:network:messaging:amqp/rabbitmq-server' 
where sources tarballs and specs are placed.

So, I unpacked the sources tar.gz archive and tried to build it by hands in 
order to understand how to improve spec-file for newer version. Then I got 
this bug.

It took me about an hour to understand the roots of problem, because, as you 
said, the message was 'cryptic'.

If fixing that is too complicated, it is ok. But please, add at least human-
understandable message to avoid futher problems.

Steve Powell wrote:

> I'm sorry the advice is the doctor's one: if it hurts doing that -- then
> don't do it.
> If you feel strongly about this, then I'll raise a bug; but it is
> unlikely to be fixed IMO.

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