[rabbitmq-discuss] question about rabbitmq TPS

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Mon Apr 2 13:45:47 BST 2012

On 30/03/12 18:45, ³ÂºèÇÕ wrote:
> I have no ideas, but it happens when the number of queues is large(for
> example, 300 queues)

As well as the per-connection TCP buffers Simon mentioned in his answer 
there are also per-queue buffers. This allows rabbit to cope with spikes 
in inbound message traffic. If an app just throws messages at rabbit as 
fast as it can, then the effect of these buffers is that you'll see a 
high rate for a brief initial period, while these buffers fill up, and 
then flow control throttles the rate down to what is sustainable.


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