[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Crash

Dave Greggory davegreggory at yahoo.com
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Since we don't know what the problem is and it happens rarely, there's no way to confirm even after upgrading that the problem has been fixed. Is there any more information that we can provide so you can troubleshoot the problem? Should we open a ticket using our support contract with SpringSource/RabbitMQ support?

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On 14/11/11 15:47, Dave Greggory wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response. But that thread is not very clear on what
> exactly the problem is.
> 1) What went wrong? Why did it happen all of a sudden after running
> perfectly for months? What triggered it?

We have no idea.

> It must be serious bug to cause RabbitMQ process itself to die.

Correct. But it clearly is also very rare.

> 2) Have you identified the bug that caused it?


> We'd be happy to upgrade, but we'd like to know with a bit more
> confidence that upgrading is going to fix the problem.

As I said in the other thread, the code around the area in which the crash occurred has changed substantially in the last few releases. So while upgrading may not fix the problem, there is a good chance that it will and if it doesn't then we'll get better data points to help us track down the problem.


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