[rabbitmq-discuss] Breaking API changes in JAva API 2.7.0

Steve Powell steve at rabbitmq.com
Fri Nov 11 13:18:24 GMT 2011

Takes foot from mouth -- of course you need set*() calls, because we
don't expose any address on the newConnection() calls now!  Oops.

Apologies, I'll raise a bug to re-introduce the old API -- I guess it
should teach me to be careful how we simplify. To encourage people
to move away from the array interface, however, I think it may be
deprecated and we will have:
  newConnection(ExecutorService, Address)

or similar.

Thanks again.
Steve Powell
steve at rabbitmq.com
[wrk: +44-2380-111-528] [mob: +44-7815-838-558]

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