[rabbitmq-discuss] temp-queues in STOMP adaptor - missing subscription header

Michael Justin michael.justin at gmx.net
Thu Nov 10 06:40:07 GMT 2011

Am 10.11.2011 04:49, Toby Corkindale wrote:
> Hi,
> I've discovered that the /temp-queue/ feature in rabbitmq's stomp
> adaptor causes a problem with at least one STOMP library
> (Net::STOMP::Client).
> This is because the STOMP specification says that a MESSAGE frame must
> include a "subscription" header.
> However, messages sent via a temp-queue do not have this header set.
> I can understand why not - it's meaningless - however libraries which
> insist on frames strictly matching the specification will throw an error
> here.

I think it is meaningless only when a client has only one active 
subscription. But if a client has for example both a temp-queue 
subscription and a normal subscription on the same connection, the 
subscription header in the MESSAGE frame is necessary to route the 
message inside the client.

So I would prefer a subscription header too, as my Delphi Stomp client 
library for RabbitMQ could support temp-queues without workarounds.

Michael Justin

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