[rabbitmq-discuss] Server connections not closing

Robert Gilland rgilland1966 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 04:31:44 GMT 2011

>On Nov 10, 12:08 am, Emile Joubert <em... at rabbitmq.com> wrote:

> Can you tell whether that succeeds in your case?

Yes I am closing the connection correctly. I have verified this with a
counter up and down based on connect/disconnect calls.

> Is there any device on the network that intermediates between the broker
> and client, and potentially keeping the server connections open?

Yes There are 4 hops on the traceroute between the client and server
according to our network guy. So it is failing on the WAN.

> Do you
> get the same issue if the broker and client run on the same server
> (using localhost)?

On local LAN between my machine and the server machine. all
are being closed successfully.

> Comparing a network trace on the client and the server sides might also
> aid diagnosis.

There are 4 hops between client and server machine in this case fails
to close connections.
Testing when client is on same LAN as server ( 1 hop )  closes
connections as expected.

> Failing that you should contact the library author.

In constant communications with the library author.

There must be some process not happening to close a connection at the
RabbitMQ server machine.
Something must be failing to get across the network. so the system is
failing to close it's connections.

Not being a network guy myself. I am simply guessing.

Kind Regards,


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