[rabbitmq-discuss] Server connections not closing

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Nov 9 14:08:24 GMT 2011

Hi Robert,

On 09/11/11 06:24, Robert Gilland wrote:
> Hi,
> we cannot find out why our server connections are not closing.
> There are no connections open on the client machine ( WinXP )
> But server machine has all the below listed connections open
> ( CentOS6  64bit )
> Client Software using "HabariSoft" library.

> tcp        0      0 ::ffff:    ::ffff:
>     ESTABLISHED 1048/beam

A quick scan of the HabariSoft documentation suggests that this is a
STOMP client, and the connections that remain open are STOMP ports
(61613). The included examples all end with


Can you tell whether that succeeds in your case?

Is there any device on the network that intermediates between the broker
and client, and potentially keeping the server connections open? Do you
get the same issue if the broker and client run on the same server
(using localhost)?

Comparing a network trace on the client and the server sides might also
aid diagnosis.

Failing that you should contact the library author. If the problem turns
out to be caused by rabbit then we want to set that right, so please get
back to us if that is the case.


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