[rabbitmq-discuss] windows AppFabric, Workflow service and RabbitMQ

Slava Miropolsky svet_my at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 21:59:57 GMT 2011

Thanks Emile,

This configuration worked for me by adding RabbitMQ service endpoint in custom ServiceHostFactory and configuring web app to Auto-Start.

I'm trying to make RabbitMQ WCF binding to distribute requests in round-robin among multiple instances of a WCF service. I'm using WCF configDemo example but it fails with EndpointNotFoundException when more than 1 instance of the server (consumer) is running. Could you pl lmk what should I change to make WCF round-robin scenario work?

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Subject: Re: [rabbitmq-discuss] windows AppFabric, Workflow service and RabbitMQ

Hi Slava,

On 09/10/11 10:56, Slava Miropolsky wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to configure WCF rabbitMQBinding for AppFabric (IIS) hosted
> Workflow WCF service, configured to Auto-Start.
> does anyone have positive experience configuring rabbitmq in his hosted
> wcf service?

I don't know of anybody using the rabbitmq WCF binding in this specific
context. Have you run into any specific problems that we can help with?
Feel free to report back any insights or issues that arise.

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