[rabbitmq-discuss] Journaling for RabbitMQ?

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Fri May 27 00:04:09 BST 2011

On 26/05/2011 7:55PM, Meredith Gregory wrote:
> i was working with a client recently and they asked whether RabbitMQ had
> a journaling feature. The client was used to working with MSMQ which has
> such a feature and allows them to get a view of queue usage history,
> such as message deposited to queue, message read from queue, etc. The
> question came up in the context of debugging a message processing code
> path where we couldn't readily tell whether the message had been
> deposited to the queue and was being nabbed by a dispatcher faster than
> we could see or whether the message was never arriving at the queue at
> all. The client observed that with a journaling feature there would be
> no need to introduce more debugging statements into application code.
> So, i'm passing their question along to you.

Hi Greg.

The next release will contain a simple tracer. When turned on it sends 
information about each publish and each delivery to a special exchange. 
At the moment there's nothing to log such messages but it wouldn't be 
hard to write one and I'll probably add something to mgmt at some point.

There's also the tracer in the Java client since forever, but that's a 
bit fiddly to set up and quite low-level.

Cheers, Simon

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