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Richard.Bolen at gxs.com Richard.Bolen at gxs.com
Thu Mar 31 21:41:14 BST 2011

I'm new to AMQP and I was wondering how to use rabbitMQ to implement a messaging pattern.  I would like to have a pool of workers that process messages from a queue.  There are various message types but they each type can belong to a specific person.  The messages must be processed in the order they are received on a per-person basis.

For activeMQ they call this message groups.  What activeMQ does is bind the worker to a group ID and as long as messages are in the queue for that group ID, it will route them to the same worker.  Once there are no messages for that group ID on the queue, the worker is freed to process other messages.  Is there a similar pattern for AMQP/rabbitMQ?

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