[rabbitmq-discuss] make node a disk node

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu Mar 31 13:02:32 BST 2011

On 31/03/11 13:59, Alexandru Scvorţov wrote:
> The disk nodes in the cluster are the nodes that follow the "rabbitmqctl
> cluster" command, so to turn a node into a disk node, just run the
> cluster command again adding it to the list of disk nodes.
> In the docs, rabbit at rabbit2 becomes a disk node after
>    rabbit2$ rabbitmqctl cluster rabbit at rabbit1 rabbit at rabbit2
>    Clustering node rabbit at rabbit2 with [rabbit at rabbit1, rabbit at rabbit2]
>    ...done.

See also 

If the current node is to become a disk node it needs to appear in the 
cluster node list. Otherwise it becomes a ram node.


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