[rabbitmq-discuss] How to define a timeout on jsonRpcClient calls

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Mar 29 14:48:09 BST 2011


On 29/03/11 14:14, mysurf mail wrote:

> I saw the place you pointed for me to change (line 174). As I
> understand,  you suggest I would change it and recompile the rabbitmq
> source ? That is possible but it would be a pain every time I will want
> to upgrade a client version.

I agree - it is not convenient to maintain your own set of patches. We 
are planning on introducing this feature in the core library though.

> so I have two questions
> 1. I know that you are being asked that question a lot - but can I get a
> patch?

We prefer to distribute code via the rabbit source repositories, rather 
than patches.

> 2. If I will go down in the root of changing the source -  you mentioned
> it is an experience. Do you know if someone else did it and if it works
> fine?

A bug has been filed to implement your suggestion. The implementation 
will appear on the branch named "bug23515". Unfortunately it is not 
possible to predict when this might be complete, but keep an eye on 
future release notes.



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